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The Sparco Sky RJ-7i Carbon Helmet is a very strong and light weight carbon fibre helmet which has been reinforced with layers of carbon-Kevlar material that provides a high level of protection. The helmet features a fully adjustable microphone boom which can be adjusted to move the microphone closer or further away from the mouth.

  • The lining can be removed and washed so your helmet stays clean and fresh
  • Factory fitted professional intercom system
  • Very light weight with soft and comfortable lining
  • Reinforced with layers of carbon-Kevlar making the helmet super strong
  • Supplied with factory fitted FHR / HANS posts

Inside the helmet, the linings are removable to allow for washing or re-positioning. Fitted with a professional intercom system and a fully adjustable noise cancelling microphone boom, high quality speakers and military grade Nexus connections. Fully compatible with Sparco, Peltor and Zero Noise amplifiers as well as Stilo when used with an optional adaptor. The helmet is available in six different sizes featuring a Medium-Large size to provide an extra option in order to obtain the perfect fit.

Snell SA2015 & FIA 8859-2015 approved